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Spoons with stories

Romanian crosses

Decorative mugs

Traditional furniture

Decoration items

Ancient pottery

Figurative pottery

Icons on glass

Special designs



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The spoonman is a concept started and continuously developed since 2005. The main idea is to not necessary sell the traditional crafts, but the traditional stories behind them. When we enter a souvenir shop it often happens that we find a mount of crafts cramped in small places, where you can barely see the selling price.

You cant find my products in shops mainly because i like to have a direct contact with my client because, usually, shops have sellers on the "goodlooking" basis, the most accurate term in my opinion being "silent looking", and i specially care about also giving my client the story of my object.

Traditional Romanian Crafts

Most recently added:
Carved wooden egg 30 ron/buc. ;Easter paniteed egg 10 ron/buc.
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